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A Lot of roofing contractors in Hattiesburg will turn the smaller roofing repair jobs away, not River Oaks Construction. We’ve done thousands of roof repairs, small and big and because of it we have all the experience required to solve whatever roof problem you’re suffering from. No matter if its residential roofing in Hattiesburg or a commercial business, we truly try to repair your existing roof without trying to sell you a new roof unless you truly need one.


We provide the best residential roofing services in Hattiesburg. We know your home is often the biggest investment you’ll make in life and we treat it just as we would treat our own home. 


River Oaks Construction continues to be the leader in commercial roof repair in the Central Mississippi area. No matter how big the job, you can trust the pros at River Oaks to handle the job from start to finish. 

What is The Reason for Most of Our Repair Work?

Plain and simple. Bad Roofing Contractors!  Mississippi weather does its fair share of damage, but sub par quality roofing jobs we come across from day one is the majority of our roofing repair calls in Hattiesburg. Who you choose to work on your roof really matters!


River Oaks Construction in Hattiesburg provides exceptional roof repair in Hattiesburg, Ms and all of the hub city area. Is your roof leaking? Just remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We’d like to help you and save you some grief from letting your leaking roof continue to damage your home by patching your roof immediately and then discussing if you truly need a new roof.

Attic damage along with interior damage can be a costly repair easily avoidable by stopping the leak at the source! The roofing materials we use are above the industry standard, pair that with our professional roofers and you’ve got an impenetrable combo to protect your home for many years to come. 


We got these guys to roof our house and what a great team of roofers they have! Hard working and professional all the way!! Steve Cox


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Bringing security and peace of mind is our top priority.

Emergency Roofing Services Hattiesburg, Ms

It seems everything goes wrong when you least expect it. Most people aren’t prepared for a tropical storm, hurricane, or tornado to sweep in and rip part of your roof off. Well guess what? River Oaks Roofing Construction is. We employ only the best technicians for roofing in Hattiesburg, Ms and they’re standing by 24/7 for moments just like what’s mentioned above. No matter the time, day, or situation you can give us a call.


River Oaks Constructions emergency roof service is provided to give you and your family relief in the wake of a catastrophe. No matter what you’re told, no roof is 100% impenetrable. Heavy winds, tornadoes, rain, hurricane, bad craftsmanship, or just general wear and tear can compromise your roof at any time. Roof design and maintenance can help prevent most damage, but not always. When you find yourself in a pinch and need a local residential roofer in Hattiesburg, you need to pick up the phone and call the guys who have your best interest at heart. When that time comes, trust River Oaks Construction and our dedicated staff to come to the rescue!

Roof Repair Hattiesburg


Here in Mississippi there’s only a few things worse than waking up to the sound of water dripping. More times than not that’s the sign that your roof has given up on keeping you dry. If that leak isn’t found fast than you may be susceptible to a whole list of home repairs not just limited to roof repair, attic framing, and interior damage. It’s not easy finding leaks especially if you’re not keen on crawling through your attic at 2 in the morning. That’s why you need River Oaks Construction in Hattiesburg. We’ve got the tools and the know how to track down the leak and get your roof fixed up as soon as possible!


Even the strongest roofs regardless if they’re residential or commercial can fall victim to heavy rainfall or strong winds. Or maybe you’ve had a tree or limb fall on your roof and damage your roofs integrity. Regardless, a small leak can and will disrupt your way of life. A simple leak can lead to mold, and damage that in result can lead to providing a pathway for squirrels and rats to call your attic home. As soon as you make the call, we’ll put our crew on the scene to assess the damage and minimize the leaking until the storm passes and we can make a full repair. At River Oaks Construction we provide the fastest roofer in Hattiesburg, Ms.

We have been BEYOND impressed with the work done at our house by ROC! Our first pick from here on out! Jordan Beeson Stewart


Great service! Great people! Jeremy Winborne


Residential or Commercial, You can trust River Oaks Roofing in Hattiesburg.

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