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Terry’s Best Choice for Residential Roofing

   River Oaks Construction is a professional roofing service provider in central Mississippi operated by the Wallace family. We have a commitment to delivering exceptional roofing services for our customers.

   As one of Terry’s most reputable roofing contractors, our services are unmatched in the industry as we are committed to creating friendly and long-lasting relationships with our customers throughout the years. Our focus is to deliver the best roofing service without jeopardizing our business ethics and the values our family has stood for over the years. We are focused on providing first-class roofing services in Terry,Ms by building and repairing residential and commercial roofs of every size and shape while only using the best materials and applying our years of experience for each project. 

roofing Terry ms
roofing in Terry


We provide some of the best residential roofing services in the Terry area. We know your home is often one of the biggest investment you’ll make in life and we treat it just as we would our own home.


River Oaks Construction continues to be a leader in commercial roof repair in the Terry, Mississippi area. No matter how big the job, you can trust the pros at River Oaks to handle the job from start to finish. 

Our Mission

As one of Mississippi’s most trusted and licensed roofing companies, we understand the value of efficency and security

   Our team of professionals here at River Oaks Roofing are dedicated and willing to give you the best service in the Jackson Metro area. We’re committed to our mission and vision of offering a peaceful experience for our customers by providing only the best roofing services that go hand in hand with our customer service that inspires your confidence in our brand. Our roofing teams possesses the right expertise and tools to deliver a fantastic customer experience, and this is the main reason why our brand has a loyal customer case in the entire central and South Mississippi area.

We got these guys to roof our house and what a great team of roofers they have! Hard working and professional all the way!!
Steve Cox


Happy Clients

Bringing security and peace of mind is our top priority.

We have been BEYOND impressed with the work done at our house by ROC! Our first pick from here on out!
Jordan Beeson Stewart


Roof Repair in Terry, MS

One of the most crucial components of your home is the roof. Proper maintenance of your roof is an excellent preventative measure that can ensure the avoidance of expenses in the future. It’s necessary to check your roof on a regular basis, and the consequences of having a leaky roof can be awful. Some problems that can occur can include:

  • MOLD
    Roof leaks add moisture to your home and encourage the growth of mold in your attic. However, the presence of mold can also result in health challenges for those living in the house. Mold is responsible for throat irritation, nasal congestion, headaches, sneezing, and skin irritation.
    A leak in your roof can significantly increase your expenses on energy according to experts in the roofing industry. The water from the leak can dowse the insulation in your attic and inhibit its capacity. It is important to fix the leak before it is too late, this will prevent your home from losing cold air and heat.
    A leaky roof can cause irreparable damage if it comes close to the electrical wiring in your house. Turning off the electricity in the affected part will prevent disaster from happening, but will leave you needing an electrician along with a professional roofing contractor to see the repair through. 
    A leaky roof can destroy the structure of your home if proper care is not taken. In this case, the ceiling is not spared and can collapse if the leaking is too much. The quicker you can take action on a leak in your home the better. The longer a roof leak is ignored the greater the chances are that it will cause severe damages that could be prevented by calling River Oaks Roofing to get that leak fixed.

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While we’re known in the Jackson,Ms area, River Oaks Construction provides the same top level roofing services in:

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Terry, Ms

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New roof in Terry ms
Great service! Great people!
Jeremy Winborne


Residintial or Commercial, You can trust River Oaks Roofing in Terry.

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