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   Here at River Oaks Roofing in Madison we have a dedicated and competent staff willing to help you with repair, maintenance and replacement of your roofing system. River Oaks is committed to providing premium roofing services in Madison, Mississippi. We will discuss with you and take our time to evaluate the condition of your roof before offering you a quote. Our commitment is to providing you with the best roofing service along with giving you peace of mind that your roof will stand the test of time.


 We provide the best residintial roofing services in the Madison, Mississippi area. We know your home is most often the biggest investment you’ll make in your life and we treat it just as we would our own home. 


River Oaks Construction continues to be the leader in commercial roof repair in Madison, Ms. No matter how big the job, you can trust the pros at River Oaks to handle whatever needs to be done from start to finish. 

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   One of the most prevalent problems facing property owners is a leaking roof. There are several reasons for a roof leak, and these include wear and tear, storm, and lack of application of the right materials. At River Oaks Construction and Roofing in Madison, we provide reliable roofing repair, roofing maintenance services, and the installation of metal and asphalt shingle roofing.
   As an experienced roofing contractor , we are available to deliver exceptional roof repair and roof replacement services in Madison, Ms. River Oaks’ professional roofing teams offer services that are tailored according to the needs and preferences of the home and property owner.

We got these guys to roof our house and what a great team of roofers they have! Hard working and professional all the way!!

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We have been BEYOND impressed with the work done at our house by ROC! Our first pick from here on out!

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Common Indicators That You May Need a New Roof

    In this case, there are two ways shingles curl. Clawing and cupping. Cupping is a process where there is an upward turning of the shingles’ edges while the clawing happens when the edges are flat while the middle begins to come up. These are indications of weathering and could serve as pointers that there are leaking issues. River Oaks Construction and Roofing can help with the installation of a new roofing system.
    This is a sign that you’ll need a new roof as some shingles are missing. However, granule colors have changed in recent years, and this makes it hard to get new shingles that will align with the color of the old shingle.River Oaks Roofing in Madison offer one of the largest selections of shingles with any style and color your roof may need. Weathering is also responsible for the change of the color as well. Replacement of the missing shingles is crucial, but if the issue can no longer be managed, replacing the entire roof is the best decision.
    Seeing several granules in the gutter on a new asphalt shingle roof is normal. However, if your roof is more than ten years old, this is an indication that your roof should be replaced.
    The importance of the granules is to prevent the sun from penetrating to the asphalt. When the granules fall off, and they begin to bake, there will be a deterioration of the roof. The presence of granules in the gutter is an indicator that the shingles are halfway through their lifecycle.
    If you can see the sunlight from your attic, that is a bad sign that must not be ignored. It is an indication that cold air, snow, and rain are capable of gaining entrance into your home. It’s also necessary to check for water stains after a few rain showers to see if you notice a change in the shape or size of the gaps.
    We know this seems like common sense, but if this is the problem in your case you should contact us immediately.
    A sagging roof is a good pointer that there’s a problem with the structure of your roof. You need the expertise of River Oaks to check the problem, and offer the necessary support to correct the issue before it escalates. It’s better to work on the problem as soon as it is discovered to prevent spending more when it is left unattended to.

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