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Let’s be honest, picking a local contractor to partner with can be stressful. Today there are so many “fly-by-night” roofing companies in Madison, Ms that it can leave you with concerns if any issues ever come up after your service is completed.

At River Oaks Construction we stand behind our work, guaranteeing all of our services and products. We’re one of the few roofing contractors in the Nation that not only offers a limited lifetime warranty on our roofing products, but also a 10 year workmanship guarantee on all of our roofing contracts at no additional cost. We place a priority on building trust and long term relationships with our customers. Even after we’ve completed your project, we’ll continue to reach out from time to time to make sure you’re satisfied and stay satisfied with any services we provide.


We’re growing daily here in the Madison area and we’re here to stay. Between our professional service and exemplary customer service model, you can rest assured that when you choose River Oaks Construction for your next home service that you’ll be protected, safe, and have ease of mind for many years to come.

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“River Oaks Construction surpassed our expectations! After receiving 3 quotes, we decided on this company. They were both professional and dependable. From start to finish, they made the process of installing our new roof easy and seamless! I highly recommend them as they were upfront, answered all our questions and concerns, and installed a beautiful architectural roof in a timely manner. If you are considering a new roof, or have other construction needs, I feel confident they will deliver a quality product in a timely manner thereby making your project a stress free experience!”
Mandy W

“Great experience with River Oaks Construction. I just wanted to share the amazing experience I had having my roof replaced on March 18. The roofing team, along with the supervisor arrived at 7:00 AM and finished by 4:00 PM.  I watched the working team in action and have never seen such a job from start to finish as well done.  They had a cleanup crew as they worked and did a thorough inspection as they finished.  It’s nice to share great services received. I would give the company an a+ rating. I’ve also never seen such great ethical and professional management. I highly recommend River Oaks Construction.  Also, they offer services I plan on using in the future.”

Adam S

“We hired River Oaks Construction to replace our roof and repair some water damage caused by a leak in our garage. We got estimates from three different companies. Patrick’s estimate fell in the middle, but his professionalism is what ultimately lead us to hire them. His crew showed up on time, were very polite, and did a great job on our roof. Patrick also worked with our insurance company to make sure we were able to get all the repairs completed. I highly recommend River Oaks Construction and will definitely use them again in the future.”
Lisa B

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   Here at River Oaks Roofing in Madison we have a dedicated and competent staff willing to help you with repair, maintenance and replacement of your roofing system. River Oaks is committed to providing premium roofing services in Madison, Mississippi. We will discuss with you and take our time to evaluate the condition of your roof before offering you a quote. Our commitment is to providing you with the best roofing service along with giving you peace of mind that your roof will stand the test of time.

As one of Madison’s most reputable roofing contractors, we know the value of efficency and quality

One of the most prevalent problems facing property owners is a leaking roof. There are several reasons for a roof leak, and these include wear and tear, storm, and lack of application of the right materials. At River Oaks Construction and Roofing in Madison, we provide reliable roofing repair, roofing maintenance services, and the installation of metal and asphalt shingle roofing.   

As an experienced roofing contractor , we are available to deliver exceptional roof repair and roof replacement services in Madison, Ms. River Oaks’ professional roofing teams offer services that are tailored according to the needs and preferences of the home and property owner.

Bringing security and peace of mind is our top priority.


Here in Mississippi, there are only a few things worse than waking up to the sound of water dripping. More times than not that’s the sign that your roof has given up on keeping you dry. If that leak isn’t found fast than you may be susceptible to a whole list of home repairs not just limited to roof repair, attic framing, and interior damage. It’s not easy finding leaks especially if you’re not keen on crawling through your attic at 2 in the morning. That’s why you need River Oaks Construction in Madison. We’ve got the tools and the know-how to track down the leak and get your roof fixed up as soon as possible!

Even the strongest roofs regardless if they’re residential or commercial can fall victim to heavy rainfall or strong winds. Or maybe you’ve had a tree or limb fall on your roof and damage your roofs integrity. Regardless, a small leak can and will disrupt your way of life. A simple leak can lead to mold, and damage that in result can lead to providing a pathway for squirrels and rats to call your attic home. As soon as you make the call, we’ll put our crew on the scene to assess the damage and minimize the leaking until the storm passes and we can make a full repair. At River Oaks Construction we provide the fastest roofer in Madison, Ms.

We thrive off of the recommendations from our previous customers and accredit our continued growth to our dedicated team, and exemplary customer service standards that we maintain throughout every branch of River Oaks Construcion.

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