Elevating Expectations

Two of the main concerns that homeowners in Mississippi consider when choosing a contractor is the overall experience and customer service. Since most roofing contractors use similar roofing products and installation techniques, we understand that the customer service experience becomes the distinguishing factor when choosing a roofer to partner with on their next home project.

     River Oaks Roofing & Construction is a dedicated company providing an array of quality services from roofing, gutters, exterior cleaning, and more. We are set apart from the rest due to our active, hands-on approach with all of our customers resulting in efficient and complete insurance claims.

Our company exists due to the demand of a growing community in Madison County as well as the greater Hattiesburg area. We strive to assist our customers by providing top-notch service and a seamless experience from the beginning of the claim to the end.

We know that our service and expertise in roofing claims, all products, and installation will benefit our customers, in the long run, to make sure they receive what is needed to complete the project in full. We use leading products in the industry to best serve our clients.

The average homeowner isn’t versed in the ins and outs of a roofing claim. That is where we come in to help explain the process and ease the minds of our clients.

We work with the same software that insurance companies work with. We are able to make sure that all roofing reports are complete and all components of a project are covered for an efficient end result and the benefit of knowing that your monthly premiums give you the best roof you can get. We follow all local building codes to assure that all clients receive up to date services for their area.

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