Things to consider when collecting bids from contractors

We’ve seen this time and time again

A homeowner files a claim with their insurance provider without getting a professional opinion from a reputable roofing contractor FIRST.
Now, 1 of 2 things has happened.
Your insurance has sent out a third party company that works for their insurance providers’ behalf to inspect their roof.
Even though all their neighbors are getting new roofs, they’re left hanging with a damaged roof and denial from their insurance provider.
Their insurance has approved the damages for their roof and has issued an estimate and a check (minus their depreciation & deductible) and leaves their policyholder with the least amount of money they could, and the outdated saying of “Be sure to get three estimates!”
At this point, most homeowners feel like the claim is closed, no more additional coverage from insurance is available. It’s up to them to find a roofing company that’ll give them an estimate lower than that initial check amount.
This is where the unnecessary bidding process starts.
Hear me out…
If you needed heart surgery in the next few months, would you start shopping around for the cheapest heart surgeon?
Probably not, considering it’s well known that you get what you pay for.
Am I right?
Considering that your heart is a pretty critical organ to the rest of you, you’d want to get the best thing you could afford.
Like your heart is to the rest of your being, your roof is the most critical element of your home because it protects you and everything underneath. 
You should want the best quality and most thorough job possible for the amount that your insurance company allows.
If you could get a new car and all you had to pay out of pocket was $1,000, no matter what car you chose, would you pick a Corolla or a Lexus?
The Lexus, right?
Because who wouldn’t choose a product with more value for the EXACT same amount of money?
Insurance claims are the same way!
No matter what the cost of the total job is, the deductible doesn’t change. If your out of pocket remains the same, no matter what the total cost of your contractors’ estimate is. It only makes sense to get the absolute best quality job that you can for the amount allowed.

I’ll End With This

While Cousin Eddie might be willing to replace your roof for that initial check amount, however, a licensed and insured roofer, like ourselves, won’t get started until:
  • We can guarantee a roof replacement with all the required labor and material for city code regulations.
  • All necessary materials entirely covered by your insurance provider.
With River Oaks Construction, rest assured that you will never be out of pocket a penny more than your deductible amount!
Our team specializes in working on homeowner’s storm claims all over Central Mississippi, ensuring that the premiums you pay, get you the coverage you deserve.
If you’d like to know more about the steps involved in an insurance claim, click the link below!

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