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Inside Sales Manager Description

Inside Sales Position is responsible for closing deals. The IS will oversee multiple
opportunities simultaneously and is responsible for the conversion of leads and
the customer service experience before jobs are completed. This includes
increasing sales, scheduling leads, following up on leads and tracking customer
communication in the computer system.
Essential Job Duties:
• Increase sales (close deals).
• Part of a team, creates the best environment to close as many deals as possible with integrity.
• Coordinate communications, including taking calls, responding to emails, interfacing with clients.
• Keep log of all leads in sales book provided.
• Facilitate data entries.
• Help homeowner get what they deserve, the best.
• Prepare internal and external corporate documents for the team members.
• Uphold a strict level of confidentiality.
• Answer incoming customer calls and enters new leads in the company CRM (Customer
Relationship Management) system.
• Schedule appointments between the customer and Outside Sales and update the calendar of
assigned Outside Sales.
• Handle all follow-up procedures for pending leads.
• Update company CRM system based on communication with customers and inside team.
• Reviews and approves contracts, including all elements required for job approval.
• Support the money collection process.
• Upholds closing procedures including warranties and letters of completion.
• Assist Outside Sales with requests/needs while they are in the field.
• Attend company events, fairs, and trade shows as assigned.

Qualities, Characteristics & Aptitude
• Loves challenging activity.
• Team player orientation. Ability to interface with all levels within the organization and external
• High degree of confidentiality, integrity, and honesty.
• Excellent customer service skills, finding proper ways to clearly communicate and connect with
• Detail-oriented and the ability to follow systems, procedures and daily agenda as instructed by
the supervisor.
• Excellent phone communication skills.
• Able to keep track of leads and great follow-up skills.
• Self-starter: goal-oriented, cooperative, and problem solver.
• Understand that customer satisfaction is the #1 priority.
• Strong work ethic and focused on getting things done the first time.
Top Goals
• Close a minimum of 40% of all leads.
• Complete all tasks for leads in CRM timely.
• Ensure the Outside Sales has a full schedule each day (3 inspections + 1-2 adjuster meetings or
contract signings) by aiming to set an appointment for every new lead call.
• Ensure all contract parts are completed and received from customers prior to transitioning them
to production.
• Return all missed calls by the end of the business day

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