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When thinking of installing a gutter system to your home it may seem at first like a simple task. Yet when it comes down to it, it’s more than just building the gutters and screwing them on the side of your home. Collecting the water from your roof and keeping it away from your home is highly important when it comes to keeping rain water from entering your home or flooding your porches. When you have a professionally installed gutter system added to your home it adds value to your home along with protecting your roof, siding and foundation, along with giving your home more curb appeal. River Oaks Construction has been the leader in gutter installations in the Jackson and Madison market. When it comes to quality, look no further than River Oaks for your gutter installations and gutter repairs.

When it comes to planning your homes gutter system the two aspects to think about are the materials and hardware along with the how the hardware is installed. Of course as with anything in the contracting world, quality materials and hardware are of high importance, but the installation of those materials is what separates a professional company with a fly-by-night type of gutter contractor. River Oaks Construction has all the experience and know-how ranging from residential to commercial gutter systems. Pair that knowledge with some of the best customer service and tradesmen in central Mississippi and you’ll find that River Oaks Construction is the go to name for quality and reliability.

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We provide the best residintial gutter services in the Central Mississippi area. We know your home is often the biggest investment you’ll make in life and we treat it just as we would treat our own home. 


River Oaks Construction continues to be the leader in commercial gutter installations in the Central Mississippi area. No matter how big the job, you can trust the pros at River Oaks to handle the job from start to finish. 
We got these guys to roof our house and what a great team of roofers they have! Hard working and professional all the way!! Steve Cox


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 What All is Involved When Planning a Gutter System For My Home?


Gutter installation is a skilled trade and not something that can be taught in a couple of weeks. There are a number of things that are critical to properly installing gutters in Hattiesburg, Ms and channeling all the rainwater away from a house. Below is a list of just some of the factors that must be dealt with before an effective gutter system can be fabricated for your home.


When gutters installed at an improper or a pitch that is too level prevents water from flowing down the downspouts and creates areas of standing water causing rust through or insect infestation in your gutter system. The precise slope of the gutters ensures the best flow of rain water toward the downspouts. If you don’t do this it will cause the gutters to hold water which can cause the gutter to pull away from the home because of the weight of the gutters being filled with water. At River Oaks Construction our installers check every gutter to insure your gutter system will operate in the most efficient way possible. 



 Something as simple as placing a downspout in the wrong location or if you have no downspout at all will lead to standing water during those heavy Mississippi downpours. Not only do the proper location of your systems downspouts need to be planned, but the proper amount of them must be calculated for efficiency as well. With either the wrong placement or lack of downspouts it could put your home at risk of getting water inside low lying areas, or cause foundation issues.

Some of the most important considerations for an efficient home gutter install is the total number and placement of downspouts that will carry your rain water to the ground and away from your home. The pros at River Oaks Construction understand that for curb appeal purposes that home owners prefer the least amount of down spouts that they can get away with and calculate the prime number of downspouts that both ad to your homes appearance and to the effectiveness of removing rain water away from your home.


Flashing & Drip Edge

 When we speak of flashing we are talking about the hardware installed behind the gutters and in front of the roof line. If your gutter system is installed with no flashing or maybe not enough then your fascia can be exposed and leave room for your shingles or fascia to be damaged in a premature amount of time. Fascia rot can be pricey to fix, but can easily be avoided if your gutters were correctly installed the first time.


Location on the Fascia

The fascia of your home is the straight, longboard that runs along the lower edge of your roof. If the gutters are installed flat up next to your roof on the fascia, they will not carry as much water away as they were designed to do. When River Oaks does your gutter installation, we make sure the placement of the gutters is done the right way the first time to ensure they work correctly and don’t sag over time.

Gutter Supports

Your Gutters should be installed with screws not nails. Also, your gutters should have the supports spaced evenly under them and screwed into the rafter tail to ensure a secure attachment to the house. River Oaks uses the strongest hidden hangers on the market.


Your home’s gutters need to be aligned perfectly or you can risk having leaking seams. Even though seamless gutters only have seams at corners they still need to be aligned perfectly and fastened and sealed correctly to avoid leaks. We use a generous amount of industrial sealant to achieve watertight corners & end caps.


Great service! Great people! Jeremy Winborne


We have been BEYOND impressed with the work done at our house by ROC! Our first pick from here on out! Jordan Beeson Stewart


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Residential or Commercial, You can trust River Oaks For Your Gutters Installation.

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Awesome group of roofers! I was more than happy with my choice when it came time to replace my roof. From the appearance of the crew that came out that wore uniforms, to the attention of detail that went into the CLEANUP afterward I was blown away. Grade A company in my opinion

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Great group of guys. Patrick helped me out throughout the whole process of replacing my roof. Will be recommending River Oaks from here on out
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